Healthy Lifestyle as Gout Prevention: Best Cure for Gout and a Natural Remedy

Healthy lifestyle remains as the best way to prevent any type of disease and illness. This article explains why the healthy living as gout prevention is still the best gout remedy of all. A number of relatives in my family are suffering from uric acid pain and gout. Since they have developed the habit of becoming aware of the foods they must avoid like purine rich foods and alcohol, we have become conscious that there is the possibility that these family illnesses can be passed down to us, the children.

With this family history of gout, we are further oriented that this is usually passed down through the mother. Children have, thus, high risk to high levels of uric acid. I figured out to do some research to understand gout a little better. I found out that little amounts of uric acid are common in our body system. Uric acid is actually a waste material from dying cells dying. It likewise releases purines, which can also come from the food we eat. When excessive amount of uric acid is flowing in the blood, you are in a condition called hyperuricemia.

With prolonged hyperuricemia due to unhealthy lifestyle, excessive amounts of uric acid are actually accumulated in the body. This then allows the uric acid to crystallize as sodium urate in the joints. This is what triggers the painful attack of gout.

Gout, for the information of those who have not yet experienced it, is an unexpected, excruciating, burning pain. It is usually coupled with swelling and redness in the affected area. Gout is considered to be more popular with the affluent people who developed the habit of drinking regularly while enjoying rich foods. Nevertheless, gout still affects people from all walks of life.

To prevent getting sick from the symptoms of gout, it becomes imperative to lower one’s uric acid levels in the body. This can be done with healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, your doctor can assist you with a blood test to diagnose your serum uric acid level. Sometimes, a form of medication is needed to decrease the levels of uric acid. But changing the bad lifestyle habits remains as the best way to prevent gout episodes.

If you are on the heavy side and your body fat is above the ideal, you are up to four times more likely to get gout in the future compared to someone with normal weight. Keeping the ideal weight will not only prevent you from gout but will also lower the risk of a heart disease and more stable blood pressure. For the future, researches are now trying to identify the link between high levels of uric acid and other illnesses like heart disease and hypertension. Keeping a healthy lifestyle remains the best option to prevent all these diseases.

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