Healthy Diet in The Office

Everybody would agree that sitting all day in the office, stressing out over your duties, responsibilities, or issues you face at work, would not help you lose any weight. The truth is that this way of life will make you gain even more than you think. Office stress is a big obstacle for a strict diet and healthy life. A good healthy diet is very essential for every person and especially for people who sit all day in front of the computer and do not move.

The harmful eating habits of your colleagues are very often transferred to you. Watching a coworker eating a whole cheeseburger, a big pack of chips, a croissant, or some kind of sweets will make want to eat the same thing. I hope you realize how unhealthy this type of food is? Usually it is almost impossible to eat healthy when we have all this “bad” types of foods in front of our eyes. The question is, how to establish good eating habits while in the office? How to make our diet feasible?

Office Diet Tips

Tip # 1 – Drink a lot of water every day It is highly recommended that you always have a big bottle or even two bottles of water with you. Dehydration slows the metabolism, speeds up aging, increase the time period that muscles need to recover after exercising, and reduce resistance to disease. Without drinking enough water you will not be able to adapt any healthy eating habits and therefore will not lose any weight.

Tip # 2 – Eat fish on a regular basis In order to activate your brain activity and to reinforce your nervous system, you need to eat fish at least 3 times a week. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can bring a tuna or a salmon sandwich to work with you every day. However, do not forget to wash your teeth afterwards so that you get rid of the bad breath.

Tip # 3 – Watch closely what you eat at your office parties. In order to be a part of the team you should try to not miss any of your colleagues’ birthdays or other special occasions. However, during these celebrations try to not be that most active consumer at the table. A glass of alcohol and a few bites of the various food offered is enough so that your colleagues notice that you are there. Remember, you are not there to overeat but to share these special moments with your colleagues.

Tip # 4 – Try to eat at least 5 times a day in small portions. In order to be more productive at work and in general in your life, you should eat 5 times per day in small portions. You need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because they will provide you with the necessary amount of vitamins, fiber, and bioflavonoids. But remember that your task is not to turn your desk into a grocery store, but to have some healthy food to snack during your work day.

Office Diet Menu

Breakfast (between 6 and 9 am at home): 1 slice of wheat bread with cottage cheese, and a cup of coffee or tea without any sugar.

A snack (between 10 and 11 am in the office): 1 fruit of your own choice or a fruit cup.

Lunch (between 12 and 2 pm): You can choose between 2 menus for your lunch. The first one includes 300 g salmon (or any other kind of fish you like) together with green salad with light dressing or no dressing at all. The second menu is a tuna sandwich (whole or wheat bread), and a salad. You can choose either one but it is important that you incorporate fish in your menu. If you really dislike fish you can substitute it with chicken breast.

Afternoon snack (between 3 and 6 pm): For an afternoon snack I recommend that you have a little bag of baby carrots or any other vegetables that you like. You could also have a hand full of nuts if you would like.

Dinner (between 7 and 8 pm at home): Cooked vegetables or green salad with grilled chicken. An hour or so before you go to bed you can also have a glass of low fat (skim) milk.

Follow this diet for at least 2 weeks. This will not only help you lose 2-3 kilograms (5-6 pounds), but it will also make your entire body healthier.

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