Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthier Heart

High cholesterol is one of the worst causes of heart diseases. Excess cholesterol leads to a build up of fatty acids in the body and as a result the blood flow to the arteries is reduced, thereby causing heart problems. Some of the major causes of high cholesterol are unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, stress, and obesity. While a healthy and balanced diet is quite essential for a healthy heart, there are some other factors to keep in mind to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise: Our hectic lifestyle leaves us little to no time for any physical fitness. Doing regular exercise can however be beneficial for a healthy heart, for a number of reasons. For instance, exercise will help lower cholesterol, keeps blood pressure under control, help with weight loss and makes you feel energetic. While most people find it difficult to go to the gym, there are various ways of doing exercise and keeping yourself fit and healthy. Try taking a walk on a daily basis or take up a sporting activity with some mates. You can also start doing more physical chores at home to keep your body moving and get a bit of a workout. For a little more motivation and a proper strength training sessions, it’s a good idea to hit the gym once in a while.

Reduce Body weight: As obesity affects a large number of people across Australia, it’s important to keep a eye on your weight and ensure it does not affect your heart’s health. Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and can cause heart disease. Reduce your body weight by eating healthy food and by doing regular exercise.

Reduce Stress: Stress can be quite harmful to your heart’s health. It can be caused by personal as well as professional reasons. Professionally, long hours of work, work-pressure, attending meetings, travelling, are some of the causes of stress. The expectations and demands in personal relationships are also stressful at times. Stress leads to high blood pressure and affects the heart and physical well being of the person.

Quit smoking and alcohol: It a well known fact that smoking and too much alcohol consumption can affect your lungs and heart. Ideally, it’s best to quit smoking and the intake of too much alcohol for a healthier lifestyle.

To maintain a healthy heart lifestyle, just follow some of the simple steps mentioned above such as reducing eating fatty foods which cause cholesterol and exercise regularly.

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